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From refunds, vendor payments, loans, and gaming winnings, to salary payments, Juspay's direct integrations with Networks, banks and PGs make your payouts frictionless.

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Make Instant Refunds, Credit Card Repayments, Reward and Salary disbursement & vendor payments with an industry-best success rate of 99.99%.

Juspay Advantage
Juspay Payouts custom banking setup
Connect your own banking setup
Seamlessly connect your existing banking setup to manage payouts via Juspay.
Juspay diversified Payouts Stack
Diversify your Payout stack
Mitigate gateway & beneficiary bank downtimes for seamless payouts.
Reduce pending orders with Payouts
80% reduction in Pending Orders
Reduce pending orders due to beneficiary bank issues with intelligent scheduling.

Bank Account

Payout to users bank accounts via IMPS, NEFT, RTGS instantly#, 24*7


Enable lightning-fast payments directly to users' UPI IDs with our efficient payouts


24/7 disbursals to debit / credit cards via IMPS, UPI,Visa Direct & Mastercard Send

Mobile Number

Transfer funds to users using only mobile numbers instantly

Instant refunds with Juspay Payouts
Instant Refunds
Process COD refunds instantly via UPI ID or user bank account.
Payout Links
Payouts Links
Capture, validate, and complete the payout in a single flow using Juspay’s Payout Links.
Bulk Payouts
Bulk payouts
Process multiple payouts simultaneously by uploading excel file on the Juspay dashboard.
Payouts Dashboard
Analyse payouts
Juspay dashboard provides all the data required for analysis, debugging, and insights.
India's biggest businesses simplify Scale with Payouts.