Because Code can solve Payments.

We believe `Code` can solve payments for the next billion. So we obsess over eliminating complexities, providing elegant abstractions which scale reliably.

Deep * Framework Solutions

To tackle Big + Ambitious Problems


An abstraction layer over all infrastructure tools and APIs. Helps create, manage and maintain infrastructure components with types. Strongly typed, Haskell DSL for codifying infrastructure. Prod as a playground.


Purescript based Rapid App Development framework. Utilizes conversational DSLs to enable modeling business logic as goal trees. Used to build an entire UPI based payment app in a month’s time!


A distributed, scalable and entirely Haskell based data processing & visualization system. The analytics of over 10Mn transactions handled by a single machine. Real time anomaly detection built in.


Automatic Regression Testing system automatically creates regression tests by recording IO side-effects of a business application in production. Haskell Free monads, that separate the pure-computation from side-effects, enable this.


Enable Operations team to create and implement API integrations + configurations using just Excel sheets. Provides immense edge in enabling a non-dev but motivated ops team to take up any urgent requirements.


Enabling 10x faster Payment Page creation using WYSIWYG tools. Abstracted UI components to reuse the markup across projects. Handles custom components using simple key-value configs. Outputs cross-platform code.

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From 1st Principles

Develop strong mental models from fundamentals in technology and adjacent areas like physics. Know both - the possibilities and the hard limits. Don’t fall for hype culture. Make own frameworks.

Do more with less

Follow the ‘3 x 80/20 Rule’. With just 3 iterations, one can solve 99% of a problem with 24% of the effort. Thus we avoid any premature optimizations & focus on what matters most.

Human Centered

Let’s not stop at creating the underlying technology; but extend it to crafting human-centered user experiences. Empathize with the end user. Be focussed on removing any and all friction.

FP / HASKELL / lambda calculus / data viz / math / flow / nature

Love solving hard problems? Want to build high impact products rooted in first principles? Is Coding your art?