DOTP 2.0 - Seamless Card Payments



It’s been a decade since we set out to redefine the online payments experience. What started with Express Checkout (a wrapper on top of payment gateways) evolved into an ecosystem of Products which collectively aim to make Payments Experience Frictionless. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and user-centric design principles, we have successfully improved the direct OTP feature, making it more seamless, reliable, and efficient for users and businesses alike. Let us explore how.

Among our first innovations was Juspay Safe, which improved the security and convenience of online payments with features like Auto Processing OTP. It’s been a decade since then and our drive to make payments seamless has grown stratospherically.

What is DOTP?

DOTP (Direct OTP) or Native OTP helps buyers to stay on the merchant’s website/app and completes the Card authentication process of entering OTP on the merchant website itself instead of redirecting the user to a 3DS page to complete the transaction.

This means fewer hops in the checkout process, faster completion, lesser drop-offs, and better Success Rates for Transactions.

Increased Success Rate with DOTP 2.0

DOTP 2.0 offers an Auto OTP Submission experience like never before. It is a cutting-edge user experience designed to enhance the payment experience for users and boost the success rate by almost 8% for businesses.

It automates the process of reading and submitting OTPs (One-Time Passwords) during online card transactions, streamlining the payment process with a major overhaul to the entire User Experience.

Direct OTP Seamless Flow

“DOTP 2.0 streamlines the Auto OTP UX to make it even simpler and functional.” - Dharnesh Kumar, Juspay.

The Pop-up flow with DOTP 2.0 provides a more blended and seamless experience to the user. Every element on the pop up is customizable by the merchant to provide flexibility on what is being displayed.

How does DOTP 2.0 fare with DOTP?

DOTP 2.0 was built as an enhancement to the full page DOTP. Full page didn’t have a blended feel and an additional screen jump. Clearly, we had to eliminate the screen to screen jumps while still showing the important information (amount, OTP status, Bank link & action items).

DOTP 2.0 comes with a significant increase in auto submit rate in both Android and iOS. The ever more seamless flow powers a seamless experience for the buyers and helps the merchants drive more conversions.

The Benefits of DOTP 2.0

  1. Increased Success Rate Juspay DOTP 2.0 boosts the success rate by almost 8% as compared to 3DS payment flow by reducing the efforts required by the user to complete a transaction
  2. Seamless User Experience: By automatically reading and submitting OTPs, Juspay eliminates the need for users to manually enter the OTP during online card transactions, resulting in a smoother and more convenient payment experience.
  3. Time-Saving: Users no longer have to switch between screens or manually input the OTP, saving valuable time during the checkout process and reducing the risk of errors.
  4. Improved Effectiveness: Auto submission capabilities has been enhanced to provide 100% auto OTP submission after OTP reading. Transactions can be completed swiftly and efficiently, while providing optional user interference when needed.
  5. Enhanced Security: While providing a seamless experience, Juspay ensures the highest level of security for transactions. Advanced security measures are in place to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access.

How to get started?

The Auto OTP Submission feature seamlessly integrates with Juspay’s existing payment infrastructure, making it compatible with various online platforms. Once DOTP support is enabled from gateway side, the merchant need not do anything

Payment Page Integration & Express Checkout Integration:

An Over the Air (OTA) update to the latest version will be required for Payment page and express checkout integration where the new UI can be enabled

FAQs About DOTP**

1. What all is configurable in the Native OTP flow?
The configurations that can be done in a Native OTP flow can be classified into three categories -

Experimentation - Native OTP flow provides flexibility of enabling/disabling auto submit of OTP there-by allowing businesses to conduct experiments.

Time - Native OTP allows merchants to change the time after which the OTP gets auto-submitted. It also allows merchants to change the time between successive OTP resend requests depending on their use case.

User Experience - With Native OTP flow, merchants can configure OTP font, pay button font, background colour and other UI/UX elements according to their brand guidelines.

2. Will any OTP sent to the device at the same time be read?
No, Juspay has many checks in place to selectively read the right message from the card issuer during the transaction.

3. Does this feature work for guest checkout journeys?
Yes, as long as the card supports native OTP for the particular merchant, any user guest/ registered can avail the feature.

4. Do all cards support this feature?
No, only certain cards have this supported when routed through one of the below gateways -

  • PAYU
  • PAYTM_V2

5. Are DOTP (or Native OTP) and Juspay Safe the same?
No, both are independent features and are aimed to enhance customer experience. DOTP is the enhanced authentication experience with Juspay’s configurable UI while Juspay safe is a layer over bank pages with the same functionality.

6. How is this version different from the existing DOTP?
Better blended user experience and high auto submission rates.