Jar Invests in Higher Success Rates


About Jar

Jar, a fintech startup, focuses on helping millions of Indians save and invest in digital gold. With over 9 million registered users and 220,000 daily transactions, the platform simplifies savings in gold through features like roundups and recurring savings options. Recognising Indians’ cultural affinity for gold as an asset class, Jar has gained rapid traction. Jar aims to create a user-friendly platform for navigating financial options and has already made significant strides in financial inclusion and habit-building for savers in small cities and towns across India.

Payments Challenges

UPI undeniably stands as the predominant payment mode in India, particularly in non-metro areas where Credit card usage is limited. Jar aimed to provide its users with a smooth payment experience, ensuring a seamless and functional process. Addressing the payment needs for the Bharat segment required a thorough understanding of demographics and payment habits to create an exceptional payment experience tailored to their preferences.

1. How do you increase UPI Success Rates?
2. How do you provide a seamless and safe checkout experience?

Solution & Results

Jar chose Juspay to enhance their payment experience, increase success rates, and ultimately stimulate business growth. The implementation of a comprehensive end-to-end payments platform turned the intricate task of managing payments into a smooth and user-friendly process.

Improving Success rates

A great majority of Jar’s payment volume is attributed to UPI, and leveraging Juspay’s actionable insights, and configuring additional fallback gateways, resulted in a 5.4% increase in success rates for UPI transactions.

Building a Seamless and Native Checkout Experience

Jar aimed to integrate their various payment aggregators on the backend and offer users a smooth and branded checkout process consistent with their brand language. Through Juspay Studio, Jar successfully built a fully native checkout experience, enabling them to create a customized and branded checkout interface without any code.

Gold Standard Checkout Experience with Juspay

With this partnership, Jar becomes part of the multitude of startups leveraging Juspay to enhance payment experience and Success Rates. With an impressive 5.42% increase in success rates and a smooth checkout process, Jar users can now enjoy digital gold savings, confident in the knowledge that Juspay ensures the security of their funds and maintains a consistently seamless payment experience.