Indigo’s Payments take flight with Juspay


🌆 78 cities

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 78 Million passengers in 2022

✈️ 5,57,297 Flights were operated in 2022, with 1700+ daily flights

Reliable is the word which catapulted Indigo into the hearts of millions of Indians.

And with the power of being the most reliable airline, comes the responsibility of having the most reliable Payments Infrastructure.

In this customer spotlight, we take you through Payments challenges faced by airline businesses and how a reliable Payments Partner can help you soar to greater heights.

About Indigo

IndiGo, is one of the fastest growing global low-cost carriers of today. They commenced operations in August 2006 with the objective of not only redefining affordable air travel in India but also to facilitate business trade through our air cargo services.

While IndiGo connects people and places, they are also looking at bridging gaps in trade and supply by providing efficient and reliable CarGo services. IndiGo continues to expand its destinations and fleet within India, making it possible to provide our customers with extensive connections, competitive air CarGo rates and reliability of service.


Payments Challenges

  1. Deliver the best-in-class Payments Experience to end users, Managing Multiple Payment Gateways (Interoperability), and robust visibility over the entire Payments Stack.
  2. Payment Process is critical to any business and this is true for aviation brands.
  3. High value ticket transactions and tight security measures could complicate the payment ecosystem and when you are the largest airline in India with a domestic market share of of ~54.6%, every aspect of the payment process requires careful scrutiny.

With the financial impact pandemic has had on all of us, having flexible payment options is a boon. So how can an aviation brand improve their payment processes while making the checkout journey seamless & hassle free?


To begin with, multi PG interoperability when it comes to handling transactions and fallback gateways to salvage increased payment failures become a no brainer so we picked this problem to address first. Existing direct integrations of Indigo were re-configured via Juspay and our dynamic routing module managing the traffic split while also giving a holistic view of all incoming payments made on the platform ( App & Web ) on our Unified dashboard.

In addition to this, if there is a differential pricing at a payment method level - this logic can also be fed into the Juspay dashboard which will then act as boundary guidelines while routing transactions.

End customer benefits via improved conversion on payments, and in an industry where fares are dynamic, this helps them in securing the right fare at the right time in one go.

When you work with legacy business lines, one must understand that any small change can essentially disrupt data flow be it with respect to PNR allocation, revenue accounting, reconciliation, etc. In order to achieve no hiccups whatsoever, every department within was brought to the drawing board to explain modules that are critical for business as usual. This became the foundation for us to effectively manage the project ensuring we have respective buy in and sign off across stakeholders. We also picked up an integration in parallel with a global payments player, WorldPay for all of their non INR transactions.


The Payments Challenges faced by airline businesses are fairly complex and the solutions are rooted in deep technical collaboration with every department. Streamlining Payments results in better customer experience and reduced operational overhead, turning Payments into a growth engine.

The Juspay and IndiGo partnership takes IndiGo’s Payments Experience to higher heights.

  • End-to-End Payments Viability from Pay-ins to Refunds
  • Multi PG Interoperability and Intelligent Routing
  • Success Rates that touch the sky

“We’re excited to partner with Juspay to enhance our customers’ booking experience and offer them a wide range of secure and convenient Payment options.”

-Neetan Chopra, Chief Digital & Information Officer, IndiGo

Fly higher with Juspay

As you build, refine and grow your business, it is imperative to have a payments partner who understands the complexities and challenges that come in the journey and can help you navigate the same.

Juspay is the payments platform of choice for India’s leading companies, who partner with us right from their early days. We provide a future-proof end-to-end infrastructure connecting directly to 300+ Payment Gateways, Networks like Visa, Mastercard, and NPCI, and your customers’ favorite payment methods. Juspay’s innovative products have transformed the payments experience, turning payments into a growth lever for your business.

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