Adda 52 and the Royal Flush of Success Rates


About Adda 52 Poker

Adda52 is one of the most reputed names in the gaming industry, offering the perfect place to play your favorite Poker variants such as Texas Holdem, PLO, and Crazy Pineapple with real money.

In the projection period from 2020 to 2027, the Indian online rummy and poker industry has the potential to expand by USD 2.22 billion, based on historical CAGR. The rising disposable income, simple means of payment, hassle-free transactions, changing technology, and bolstering demand for the online gaming industry in India are all contributing to the growth of the online gaming market.

The Growth of Online Poker in India

The Poker Gaming industry in India is growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 16.9% and is projected to reach $346 million by 2030, as per data by Custom Market Insights. In India, there are already over 3 million active poker players, and this figure is expected to skyrocket in the next few years.

In 2022, the real-money gaming segment accounted for 77% of India’s gaming sector revenues amounting to Rs 13,500 crore, as per a FICCI-EY report.

Payments Challenges

The shift from playing poker offline or on websites to playing on apps came as a turning point for the industry in India, giving players easy access. Extending the same accessibility towards payments helps online poker platforms drive better engagement and retention.

As a leading online gaming platform, customer’s safety and trust is of utmost priority for Adda 52 Poker. This involves handling real-time real money requests with the state-of-the-art agility, security, and performance.

  1. How do you offer a seamless and branded payment experience?
  2. How do you improve the Success rates of UPI?
  3. How do you improve the Success rates of Card transactions?

Solutions & Results

Adda 52 Poker chose Juspay to offer their customers a seamless and secure Payments experience and boost their success rates.

Custom Branded Checkout experience

Adda 52 Poker used Juspay’s no-code checkout builder to design a custom branded payments experience for their customers. With over 100+ configurations and an intuitive drag & drop experience, they’re able to achieve a native payments experience without writing a single line of code.

Visual representation of payments page customization

Improving UPI Success Rates

UPI is the most seamless and convenient payment method and experimenting with a no-code interface to customise the Payment methods allowed for rich insights into how customers were using UPI on Adda 52 Poker. By prioritising prominent UPI apps (GooglePay, PhonePe, PayTM, and BHIM), Adda 52 Poker saw the UPI success rates rise by 4%

Improving Card Payment Success Rates

More no of steps in a payment flow lead to more chances of errors in the process which can lead to payment failure. These also include erroneous inputs from users for OTPs. Adda 52 Poker implemented Juspay’s Native OTP read & submit to minimise user errors and enable a seamless card payment flow. Implementing Native OTP read & submit led to an increase of 10% in Debit Card Success Rates and 4% increase in Credit Card Success Rates.

Visual representation of CVV less + DOTP

Cashing in to better Payments

With this partnership, Adda 52 Poker joins hundreds of startups using Juspay today to drive actionable insights and improving their Payment Success Rates. With an overall 4% increase in Success Rates and a seamless checkout experience, Adda 52 Poker users can now play their hearts out while Juspay ensures that their money is always secure and their payments experience always seamless.