Juspay Card Tokenization in partnership with Networks enables Merchants to seamlessly transition from card-based payments to token-based payments in line with the latest RBI PA/PG guidelines on card storage.

Why Tokenization?


Enhanced Security

Offers your customers a more secure card payment experience by replacing their card numbers with Tokens. The merchant scoped token significantly reduces the risk of fraudulent activity



Reduction in card lifecycle and risk check related declines, as well as improved user experience, leads to improved success rates of up to ~5%



In order to continue offering the saved card experience and remain RBI compliant, all your customer saved cards must be converted into tokens.


Future of Payments

All future payment innovations will be built on tokenization and merchants can leverage pioneer experiences on cards such as IoT payments, wearables, No-OTP payments, etc


Certified Token Requestor

Juspay is a certified token requestor that facilitates the token generation,token-based transactions, and the lifecycle of tokens

Single interface Platform

Enable token-based transactions across all Networks with a single integration. No additional certification and agreements with individual Networks


Experience the next generation of card payments with token-supported Offers engine, 1-click payments, Routing engines, and more..

Multiple Gateway SUPPORT

Continue using your preferred gateways to process token-based transactions

Looking For An

To get a quick overview of what Tokenization is and how it impacts Merchants, and their customers, watch this video linked below.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq bullet triangle What exactly do the RBI guidelines say on Card Storage?
Effective 1st Jan 2022, Merchants, PA/PGs and Acquiring Banks, can no longer store customer card related information. It also confirms that Network and Issuer tokenization is the only way forward for card payments.
There are also additional mandates around the implementation of Tokenization that need to be adhered to.
  • A Token must be scoped to a Merchant, Customer Card and Token Requestor
  • Explicit user consent and Additional Factor of Authentication must be taken before generating a Token
  • A Merchant should give the customer an option to de-register their Token from the Merchant platform
  • Only last 4 digits of the customer card, along with Issuer Bank name will be available to a Merchant during transactions
faq bullet triangle Can I now store Tokens instead of Cards?
faq bullet triangle Will a token created for a customer card be the same for me and another merchant?
faq bullet triangle What are the flows that will potentially break for me?
faq bullet triangle How will my customer checkout experience be impacted?