Express Checkout is a wrapper and booster layer on top of PGs. Juspay’s Express Checkout was built with the vision of giving the customers a lean delightful payment experience while radically improving the conversions for the merchants. It’s built as a wrapper on top of ANY Payment Gateway that you use, hence preventing a lock-in with any PG.

Some of the salient features of EC here are:

  1. Inframe Checkout

    • Process payments on your order page
    • No third party redirects
    • Builds trust with the customer
  2. Dynamic Switching between various Payment Gateways

    • Higher Payment Success
    • Customizable rule sets which can help in cost savings
    • Load balancing during peak traffic periods
  3. Store Cards with no complicated Compliance requirement. Cards belong to the merchant and not locked to a PG. White-labeled solution.

  4. Optimized for both mobile and web.

  5. Integrate with any PG in the backend.

Supported Gateways and Aggregators



Express Checkout also requires you to signup with at least one payment gateway or aggregator to start making payments.

Setup JusPay Account

Create your Juspay Merchant Account

Before you can do anything with Juspay, you will have to create a Merchant Account with us. If you have not done this already, please proceed to Merchant Portal and create an account for you. It’s free and doesn’t require any credit card.

Merchant Id

Merchant Id is the login username that you have chosen for your account. Please choose this wisely as this will be your primary account with Juspay. Your merchant id will tag along in all the payment transactions that will be processed by us.

Recommended Merchant Id: Alpha Numeric characters with “_” as separator. Example: shop_india


An api_key is a secret information that helps us to authenticate all your requests to our servers. After signing up successfully and setting up your merchant account, you can copy the api_key from here.

The api_key is a 32 character alpha numeric string like this: 782CB4B3F5B84BDDB3C9EAFA6A134DC3

It is important that API Key be protected. Best practices for storage and access of API Key:


Express Checkout integration can be broadly classified into two:

EC flow The infographic shows the general flow of a system using Express Checkout.

This documentation is divided into two sections explaining the sever-side and client integrations.


The server (merchant server) is responsible for making authenticated calls to JusPay Express Checkout server. These calls should be authenticated using an api-key. The server typically handles two things:

These are the first and last step of the payment process. The other two steps are handled by the client. More details on the server-side documentation can be found here.


The client could be either web or mobile. The client communicates with your server as well as JusPay server. The client-side handles two things,

The payment form is rendered after creating an order and payment step follows this step. The detailed documentation can be found here.

Client does not make authenticated calls to JusPay server.


Integration Examples

Client Libraries


PCI Compliance

When using Javascript for checkout, since there is a possibility that the card information could flow to the merchant’s servers, the PCI Compliance scope is higher than that of iFrame based integration. You can become PCI Compliant by completing the PCI DSS SAQ-A EP questionnaire. Please note that this is only applicable for e-commerce merchants. For everyone else, filling up the PCI DSS SAQ-A questionnaire would suffice.

Support and Contact

Contacting our Support Team

Should you have any questions or clarifications, please feel free to reach out to our support team. We are always happy to help!

You can reach us by either mail or at our corporate telephone number.