iFrame vs Javascript

iFrame vs Javascript

When is iFrame better than Javascript?

  • Complete the integration in 2 days flat
  • Checkout form is always improving and heavily optimized
  • Mobile web experience in Android/iOS suffices

When is Javascript better than iFrame?

  • You wish to completely customize the checkout form (development time is higher)
  • Give native experience to your customers in Android/iOS
iFrame Javascript
Development Time 2 days 2 weeks
Form factors supported Desktop & Mobile Requires coding
Ability to customize the checkout form Medium (styles only) Very high (you own the form)
Form validation Built-in Requires coding
Intelligent Maestro handling

19 digit & 16 digits
Built-in Requires coding
Switch between stored cards & new card Built-in Requires coding
Android & iOS experience Mobile Web Native
Promotions: Card based Cash back Rule based support Yes (build your own)
Promotions: Card based Discounts No support Yes (build your own)
PCI Compliance SAQ-A SAQ-A EP (for pay.js)

SAQ-A (for pay-v2.js)

Switching from iFrame to Javascript

If you get started with iFrame and sometime in the future, would like to transition to Javascript based integration, it is completely feasible to do so.