Big Data Engineer
Process millions of events per minute
Juspay’s vision is to enable the billion people in India with secure 1-Click payments on Mobile. Indian consumer behavior combined with regulation, the payments problems are not just hard but very unique in the world. And that's just the challenge Juspay took head on! Our payments browser is a first in the world innovation, growing exponentially and processing around 900K transactions per day. We process payments for most TOP merchants like Amazon, BookMyShow, MakeMytrip, Snapdeal, Myntra, Freecharge, AirTel, Foodpanda, Swiggy, Yatra etc.. We are extremely technology and product focused and have achieved the traction that we enjoy with a smart, small & focused team.
About the Role

We process fine grained event logs of payments flows from top apps in India. This role involves building highly scalable and flexible big data processing systems on the cloud using Apache Spark. We are extremely data driven and the entire company analyzes product performance and customer behaviours with various internal tools. You will build the big data infrastructure working closely with Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Engineering & Product teams and build innovative tools for data collection, transformation / normalization, data visualization, A/B testing, Hypothesis testing.

Preferred qualities
  • Working knowledge of technologies like Apache Spark, HDFS, AWS/Google-cloud/Infra automation, Kafka/Kinesis & Columnar data stores like BigQuery/Redshift/Vertica.
  • Experience maintaining a large scale big data systems on the cloud with infra-automation, monitoring and performance tuning.
  • Coding in Python for data crunching (we use PySpark, Scipy, Scikit, Pandas, IPython).
  • YGood understanding of CS/systems fundamentals. BE/BTech CS degree is preferable.
  • Have dabbled with Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Experience building internal tools and dashboards using HTML/JS and visualization libraries like D3.js.
Why work for us?
Payments.. big deal?
Yes, it is a big deal. The wind is strongly blowing in favor of electronic payments - India wants to buy/order everything online, go cashless (regulation) and can’t have enough of using smartphones! Startups and internet businesses currently see a payment’ success rate of 60% ( 40 out of 100 people fail during the payments process!). These businesses that will define our future are absolutely dependent on solving digital payments. Big industry with bigger problems to solve!
How can Engineering solve this?
Payments is a complex ecosystem involving banks, RBI regulations, payment networks, telecom infrastructure, online and offline merchants. There is no way to align all these stars without radical engineering innovation. Talk to us about it.
What does Juspay offer?
You get the opportunity to work in a free liberal environment with some of the best engineers and entrepreneurs. We live & breathe the art of building amazing products with impeccable engineering. We have heavily invested on new methods of engineering using Functional Programming/FRP and Big Data systems. We want more innovators and a little bit of madness to take it further. For us office is like home with everything needed to make us comfortably code all day and chill out too. We have a full size piano, drums and a Shruti box if you are into music :) Lots of books, pictionary and interesting people to talk to about varied subjects - art, philosophy and of course about how to do the highest feats of engineering/design. We take an active interest in helping people reach their highest potential.